Atech Ef-One-4-litre-Anti-Effloresnece-additive



Water-Based Efflorescence Barrier Sealer and Admixture Ef-one® is a high-performance water-based admixture designed to prevent efflorescence formation while allowing water vapor to pass through. The masonry substrates that Ef-one ® protects include concrete, screed, tile, and grout. After being treated, surfaces are more resistant to water seepage, stains, and efflorescence and are easier to clean and maintain. This product is ideal for tile adhesives, grouts, and sand-and-cement screeds. The product’s substrates are cement mortar and concrete. It’s already at the right concentration, so there’s no need to water it down. Two hours at 25 degrees Celsius is the dry time. The product has a transparent hue and is available in one- and four-litre jerry cans.