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Ghelfi Squalo Top 1320 Bridge Saw 3HP with 250mm Blade


Ideal for cutting ceramics, porcelain and stone materials
Stainless steel head rails and adjustable armoured ball bearings
Lightweight aluminium body, enables 1 person operation
3 HP direct drive
Polyethylene water basin with screw-in cap
Water cooling system featuring armoured pie, metallic tap and bilateral blade spray terminals
Magnetic induction water pump
PVC cable / pipe protection chain
Adjustable cutting depth
Side tilt capacity allows up to 45° cut
Front, back and bilateral side blade protection devices included
Electrical system featuring magneto thermal protection and release coil
Retractable legs include fall-protection device
Table handles and transport heels included

Power 3 hp
RPM 2800 rpm
Blade 250 mm
Cutting Length Capacity 1320
Weight 58 kg