Atech ScreedMate-5-lit-Bonding-Agent-for-Sand-Cement-Screeds



Robust. Waterproof. Adhesion. Resilient. ScreedMate ® is a bonding agent that is made up of synthetic latex along with a variety of other chemical additions. Screedmate ® is an additive that can be added to mortars and screeds to improve their adhesion, chemical resistance, waterproofing, and strength. Screedmate ® is just what you need if you want your screed to be wholly sturdy and free of cracks simultaneously. It can be utilized well on external renders, outside paved surfaces, and damp interior spaces, among other potential applications. Cement products like cement screeds, cement mortars, and cement renders are utilized to produce substrates. Coverage is determined to be twenty kilos per liter. After being dried for twenty-four hours, the product has a milky white hue and is stored in plastic jerry cans of five and ten liters in capacity, respectively.