RLA QuickSet Liquid Additive



RLA QuickSet is a Calcium Chloride based liquid additive
designed to make any cement-based product set and
develop initial strength quickly.

• RLA QuickSet is especially recommended for use with
RLA cement-based adhesives.
• RLA QuickSet is recommended for use where a fastsetting result is required, such as doorways, stairs,
access ramps and repair jobs, shopping centres etc.
• RLA QuickSet will accelerate the curing of any product
based on Portland Cement.
• Quick Set is most effective in cold temperatures (5 to
15 degrees C).
• RLA QuickSet will work differently depending on the
nature of the product, and the actual performance can
only be established by trialling.
• RLA QuickSet can be used in cement-based tile
adhesives, grouts, screed, render or any product based
on Portland Cement.

Ensure all mixing containers are clean, dry and free from
excessive oil, dust, grease, wax, existing compounds,
release agents, paint and any other loose contaminating

Use Quick set to replace some of the gauging water in any
Portland cement-based product.
For any 20Kg bag, use about 300mls as a moderate
accelerator or 1 litre for a more aggressive result.
For example, for a bag of tile adhesive that typically uses
6L of water, mix up to 1 litre of Quick Set with 5L of water.
For even more acceleration, try to use even less water, for
example, 1L of Quick Set with 3.5L of water.